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No Job is Too Small

Welcome to Specialty Wire & Cord Sets, where your custom curly cord or cable order is our specialty.

We make coiled power cords and cables with thermoset rubber, PVC, and TPE coatings. For communications, we make regular and mini coiled wire, both shielded and non-shielded, with PVC, TPE & TPU coatings.

You can always expect quick turn-around of the best quality product,  made in Hamden, CT, USA, to your exact specifications, regardless of your order size.

You’re also guaranteed personalized service from a knowledgeable management team member and a quote within one business day.

Need a custom cord or help figuring out what to order?
Give us a call – no job is too small.

We are here to support you and your business and wish you good health.

All the best,
The SWC Management Team

Types of Wire, Cord, and Cable

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