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Flexible Wire and Coiled Cords

Insulation Compounds

60C PolyVinyl Chloride Rated 300 & 500 Volts/Mil
80C PolyVinyl Chloride Rated 500 Volts/Mil
105C PolyVinyl Chloride Rated 500 Volts/Mil
105C TPE Rated 600 Volts/Mil
80C Polypropylene (PP) Rated 600 Volts/Mil

Jacket Compounds

Colors Upon Request

  • 60C,80C,105C PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polyurethanes(PU)
  • 105C Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR/TPE)
  • Hytrel
wire spools

Jacket Compounds

  • Single Conductor to Multi-Conductor Cables
  • Served Shield
  • Mylar Shield
  • Braid Shield
Jacket Compounds


  • 28 to 14 Gauge Copper Wire, Bare or Tinned
  • 28 to 14 Gauge Soft Tinned Copper
  • Most of our wire is UL approved or CSA certified and all of our wire is RoHS compliant.
wire machine


  • Most of the cable constructions listed above can be coiled (except those made with braided shields).
  • Retractable cords range from 1 inch to 20 feet with a maximum extension of 100 feet.
  • Extended lengths are guaranteed. Retracted lengths are approximate. Allow for shrinkage.
wire coiling


(partial listing)

Defibrillator Medical Electronics
TV Hand Held Camera (Coaxial) Marine Telephones
Language Lab Telecommunications Cords
Robotic Cords Microphone Cords
Data Processing Printer Cords Aircraft-Communication Head Sets
Metal Detectors(Field Hand Held Units) Equipment Control Cords

SWC is ready to give it’s customers all the technical help needed to design their cables to insure a quality product at very competitive pricing.